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News About Our Work
We have engaged a public relations and marketing firm! Yay!

Ken Holder and L. Neil Smith were kind enough to publish my essay, reviewing our work and plans.

News Related to Our Work
We learned today (3 July 2017) about a community project in the western part of Virginia.

One of the inspirations for our work is Ben Stone‘s remarkable project.

We’ve become very interested in crypto-currencies in recent years, and the recent wave of initial coin offerings is truly impressive. Vitalik Buterin, the young prodigy behind Ethereum, discusses recent token sales models.

Inspired by a good friend, we sent Jim Davidson to Taos, New Mexico last week. His peregrinations since November 2016 have involved a great many parts of the country. Among these, Taos stands out as an excellent community, where people have lived since AD 1300. There has been a thriving art community, with many successful art galleries, in Taos since early in the 20th Century.

One great place to stay in Taos is Casa Benavides where your host & hostess Tom & Barbara McCarthy have a great team to help you get the most out of your stay. Their kitchen produces extraordinary baked goods, making both the beds and the breakfasts perfectly delightful.

Just across the street is Caffe Tazza, an excellent coffee shoppe and ice cream parlour. They had a shelf of business cards, amongst which we found Howard’s Herbal Helper along with some of their products. Caffe Tazza offers rice-roll sushi, chai tea, coffee, and ice cream.

Another pleasant place to eat in Taos is La Cueva at the corner of Paseo del Pueblo Sur and Quesnel. There are also a great many artist homes, historic sites such as Kit Carson’s home, and art galleries galore. What makes the place most interesting, to us, is the archaeological sites, including a Pueblo that has been occupied continuously since Ad 1300, just a few miles out of town. Jim visited the Pueblo village in 1974.

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