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3 July 2017: We have engaged a publicity and marketing firm.

2 July 2017: We had this article published. It reviews our plans and announces our existence.

Resilient Ways Foundation is off to a great start.  We have registered a few domain names, engaged an architect, built our business model, identified some land, and brought aboard Wendy McElroy, one of the first names in the voluntaryism movement as the chairwoman of our board of advisors.  We are very pleased to be off to such a great start.

Over the next few days, we anticipate building a bigger web presence here, and opening up some of the pages to public comment.  In a little while, we will be adding an online forum where people can participate.  We’re also building our network of friends, and we would be delighted for you to join us.

Here is an overview on our plans and ideas.

Would you like to help our work? Please tell your friends about our site! Also let people know about our partner organisation, the Individual Sovereign Univ Association:
They have sent funds to several scholarship students this year, and will be coordinating the moves of several of our first residents.

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