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Travel plans

Resiliently share this:

This month, the co-founders of the Resilient Ways Foundation Jim Davidson and Dan Sullivan are travelling to in Las Vegas. We will be stopping along the way to meet Mike and Lauren of the Front Range Voluntaryist. We’ll be stopping on the way back to meet Kevin Wilkerson of Oto.Money and John Wiltbank of Midas.Gold among other ventures.

The following week we plan to visit Ohio to secure some property and equipment, identify some land prospects, and start storing our gear for the move later this year. In August we will be attending the Startup Socieities Summit in San Francisco, and have meetings in Sacramento and Denver to discuss various projects. One of these projects involves a Denver company that is importing an electric car for sale in the USA. Innovative designs and technology.

We’re also working on an initial coin offering, we’ve engaged an architect, we’ve made substantial contributions to four scholarship students, and we’re very pleased to have been filling out our board of advisers with excellent people.

More updates to follow.

“He is rather …resilient.” ~ Col. Trautman, “Rambo: First Blood”

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