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At Home in the Hocking Hills

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Today the Resilient Ways Foundation team of Dan Sullivan and Jim Davidson arrived in the Hocking Hills. It is excellent country, well positioned geographically and demographically, and already bears a few dozen tourist destinations. People seem comfortable coming here from many states around the country. We saw licence tags from Virginia, New York, and other states. It is also a good spot for local vacationers, who seem to know and love the area. We found many cabins and lodges that were “full up” for the weekend.

That’s excellent for our business plans, since we anticipate having rooms to let, as well as a petting zoo, theme park, crafts, and shoppes. I’m very enthusiastic about building homes here in the Hocking Hills. We’re in Logan and have enjoyed the cuisine and the hospitality here very much.

Also good news today, our marketing team has been in touch about their plans for a livestream event in a few weeks. We saw several very nice posts get scheduled for release in a few days, as well, and I am really looking forward to getting things into full swing.

Please tell your friends, family members, neighbours, and social media contacts about our work. We are eager for additional input and participation.

Today Dan added the “posting” buttons, so if you have a Cert Patrol for your browser, you probably noticed some new security certificates from Facebook and others. If not, I would recommend you get a Cert Patrol type plugin, so you can keep track of what is happening with security certificates. You can monitor for things like certain kinds of man-in-the-middle attacks where the proper security cert is replaced. I’ve been using Cert Patrol and other features for Better Privacy on my laptop browser since 2014, and it is a good practice, in my view.

With the posting buttons up, you are welcome and encouraged to share any of our posts. We are working on an “open source” basis, so we wish to invite duplication of what we’re doing, as well as commentary, alternative suggestions, and ideas.

Tomorrow, land! We plan to visit realtors and talk to land owners as much as possible. Same again on Monday.

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