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Homeschool is Freedom

One of the most important aspects of creating a free society is education choice. Homeschool and private schools are gaining a lot of traction, something many of us are excited to see. Not only do they afford a better education, but, in the case of home schools, one that is without the standard indoctrination that comes with every public school experience.

Homeschoolers Do Better

The benefits to homeschool are more than just freedom. Studies have shown that students who homeschool do better in college than their public school peers.

Students coming from a home school graduated college at a higher rate than their peers—66.7 percent compared to 57.5 percent—and earned higher grade point averages along the way, according to a study that compared students at one doctoral university from 2004-2009

If you would like to regain control over your life and promote a more peaceful future  homeschool is the path.  Homeschool creates minds that are ready and willing to challenge authority and question conventional thinking. Public school is a one-size-fits-all approach to education. It is regimented. Children have no agency or choice. They go to the bathroom when told, eat when told, and exercise when told. This is not training children to be self-starters, but to follow orders.

When children are allowed to learn, explore, and organize themselves they are learning how to be responsible adults. Their natural curiosity is fostered. If you have the ability to do it, look into it. is a great resource.


We will be covering home school programs and resources in the coming weeks so check back regularly.

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