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Last day in Hocking County, this trip …

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Jim and I (Dan Sullivan) have surveyed some of the area. This morning we had a decent trek (small hike) through some property off of 664 – 17 acres, currently being used as a laser-tag site. It is likely outside our price-range, but it gave us a sense of what to expect.

The second property we looked at, further north-east, was beautiful and not far from what we think we can fund for our first site. 22 acres (roughly), a nice brick house and other features. Plenty of land, quiet road, and beautiful vistas. It might also be too much for our current budget, but it was a very scenic locale and not far from Logan (OH).

This afternoon we will be looking at a property, we hope, that is closer to our budget and then we rest, relax, and head back to Lawrence, Kansas.

(I might get some beer, and do some video-blogging while drunk)

So far this trip has been great. The people in Hocking County are friendly, bright, and show signs of a kind of life, a human life, worth living. The food has been wonderful, and I even found a Kroger store that sells FRESHLY BREADED, NON-FROZEN, CHICKEN STRIPS! (that may seem like small potatoes to some, but for me it is a positive indicator).

I have some reviews on GOOGLE pending approval – which is weird … they immediately approved my negative reviews and are not holding my 5 STAR reviews in pending status … maybe because the 5-STARS are going to non-chains, non-crony, non-crappy local places … (makes you think).

Yours … truly … a critic in any region or regarding any topic …


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