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Bush's Diner

Logan, Ohio area recommendations

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The food and service at Bush’s diner in Logan, Ohio are excellent. The food is good home-cooked favourites like barbecued boneless ribs, broasted chicken breast, bacon and eggs, and Boston creme pie. Everything is prepared well, the food is cooked to order, and it is obvious that the people in the kitchen and the wait staff really care about the results. Dan gave this restaurant 5 stars in his Google review, and I’ve eaten enough meals with Dan to know that he isn’t at all frivolous with his ratings.

Another great result was at the Inn Towner Lodge in Logan. The rooms are extremely quiet, due in large part to the concrete-filled concrete block construction with reinforcing bars and solid doors. The furnishings and accoutrements are very basic, but for $50 a night for a single-bed room during tourist season in the area, also quite appropriate. There is no wi-fi in the hotel, but the wood roof on the second floor allows Dan’s wi-fi from his smart phone hotspot to reach my room, and that works great. The plumbing works, every single light works, and everything is clean. Plus the owner, Todd, has a ham radio set-up and knows his stuff. For basic accommodations it is a good choice.

Inn Towner Lodge
The Inn-Towner Lodge, Logan, Ohio offers good basic accommodations.

We travelled over to Lancaster, Ohio for a good coffee at the Starbucks in the Kroger grocery store there. There’s probably an opportunity for a good, high quality coffee shoppe in the Logan area, too.

A place that I would recommend against is “Old Man’s Cave” which is a sort of dishevelled, dilapidated, state-run, filthy, poorly maintained tragedy of the commons. It is filled with etched graffiti, years of neglect, and an era of dismay. The steps have not been swept in a very long time, possibly ever since they were put in by the civilian conservation corps of Franklin Roosevelt fascism in the 1930s. Several of the steps are fully broken, others are missing in part, and there are both slick and muddy spots all along what pretend to be hiking trails. The state of Ohio seems to literally not give a single care about keeping the place in any kind of repair. “All my beautiful countryside had been paved down the middle by a government that had no pride.”

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