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Several months ago, just after I abandoned the Libertarian Party, I began thinking about my own anarchism – what it meant to me, the decision.

Here is a link to that article (as PDF) …

I don’t want to reiterate too much of that, but to simply give you an update, of sorts.

I have been, since the end of 2016 and until quite recently, in a very dark place regarding the “human condition” and freedom. In many ways, choosing to recognize that I was an anarchist, that I was free – no matter what the state might want to say about that – was simply the first step. The next step for any real, non-hyphenated, anarchist is the toughest – “what now?”.

In January of this year, I had no answer to “what now?”, so I chose to eat up my remaining savings doing nothing … literally nothing … from January till July …

I’m not proud of this, I don’t think of sloth as a virtue, but I simply cannot emphasize how disenchanted I was with my profession (software engineer) or the corporate jobs I’d been doing. I have, for the last several years, been mostly a “Mary Poppins Code Monkey Cognitive Barf Clean-up Dude” – they would hire me to clean up the mental vomit of others, and then I would get a thank you and some sort of insulting remuneration. This was not a good path for me.

By choosing to work with Jim Davidson, on this Resilient Ways project, I’m figuring out “what next” … The “next thing” for me is to apply my mental and physical energy to the project of human liberty (and to make a profit, of sorts, if possible).

I am not a communist … I am generous, but that doesn’t mean there’s some “tiny Marxist” living inside of me.

I’m not involved in this project because I want to “save the world” – saving the world crusades often lead to horrible outcomes.

I am doing this to, firstly, SAVE MYSELF! (I know, selfish)

Secondly, I’m doing this for the same reason I swore an oath as a U.S. Army officer in 1996 – to provide for human liberty, to defend sovereign human dignity. I was once very stupid and believed the United States cared about human freedom and dignity – now I know freedom/liberty are dirty words in contemporary America.

So yes – stuff is messy … Jim and I sometimes fight (wow – humans sometimes get into snits).

And yes, it’s scary – because the goal of providing sanctuary for the human soul and its many destinies is serious business (I didn’t say “f’ing” because, well, professional blog).

But above all else, this mission is good.

It is good to care for one’s own dignity and freedom.

It is good to care for the dignity and freedom of those who are enslaved.

It is fundamentally good and decent to be willing to build methods, practices, that expand the frontier of human potential – not through government and taxes and violence, but rather by developing creative solutions to living.

So please, join me and join us on this mission!

A mission with one simple goal: the expansion of freedom for all!

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