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Self-Sufficient and Resilient

Most of you have heard the old hypothetical, if a tree falls in the forest with no one to hear it does it make a sound? The idea is that there are two parts to the equation: the tree and the person hearing it fall. I submit the same is true of laws. Without law enforcement, do they really have any power?

The truth is that laws and government is an illusion. A law doesn’t stop anyone from committing a crime. They act as a means of adjudicating the crime after an enforcer captures you. I’m not attempting to be dark with this post nor am I attempting to sound revolutionary (although I’m off to a bad start)–I’m simply trying to explain that a community of people who choose to police themselves, support themselves, educate their children themselves are far more free than those who invite state “help”.

Community and Self-Policing

One of the beliefs of Resilient Ways is to be self-sufficient and self-policing. We will be creating a community that knows how to deal with problems without violence. Our ancestors had fewer laws, fewer enforcers, and more danger. Wolves, bears, snakes, and coyote all roamed these lands and our children were taught to shoot, to protect their livestock, and to be self-sufficient.  Unlike politicians we believe in you and your capabilities.  We believe that you have what it takes to raise children, feed, clothe, and shelter yourself, and even defend your family when it’s required.

We promise to limit our interaction with state enforcers so that you not only feel independent and free, but safer.

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