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“The best compliment to a child or a friend is the feeling you give him that he has been set free to make his own inquiries, to come to conclusions that are right for him, whether or not they coincide with your own.”

~ Alistair Cooke


This document is more than a business plan, or heavy white paper. This document, if we are successful, is never “written” – if we are successful, it will be edited, amended, rewritten, and the number of contributers will expand.

If we are successful, and we believe we will be, this document may become the authoritative core of an ontology, a field of study, on the subject of “how to build free and dignified communities”.

In these pages, especially if you are reading version ZERO, we do not attempt to describe every solution to every problem. We are exploring patterns of creating, but not prescribing a “single solution” to everyone. So much of what happens, with any community, is related to starting or initial conditions – where, why, how did the community first come to form? For most of human history, this was a messy, sometimes arbitrary, and deeply unscientific process. What we have before us is the possibility of building anarchist communities, while considering purpose and history and culture.

If you read this document as a potential investor? – please, consider what it is we are trying to do: enable the franchise of free societies. We want to collect best practices, make these available via a searchable, public, online environment, and grow the corpus of useful strategies. We want, via our foundation, to fund and establish these communities, holding the land under a lease model supportive of Heathian anarchism (think Georgism without the cops or night watchmen). If you have the money, and believe in human liberty, and would, furthermore, be interested in living in one of our communities? – please consider investing in our foundation, and with certain levels of investment come the ability to have a say in the foundation itself as a founding member.

If you read this, and want to “do this”? Especially if you’re in the tech industry, have the money, and understand the vision, values? – this could be a GREAT WAY to set yourself apart from others, as a start-up, and to attract the kinds of intelligent, hardworking, and discrete people, that would ensure your success!
If you’re like me, and simply desire to live in a “free country” surrounded by less-than-perfect real human beings that also respect the zero-aggression-principle and are “live and let live types”? – then this is a call to arms. Join our foundation, create a free-account on our website, today …

We are on this journey, as a culture of liberty, seeking non-coercive solutions to human scale problems. We do not seek to solve the “how do we spy on our neighbors” problem, or the “how do we drop bombs on innocent families” problem – these are expensive problems, evil/dark scenarios, not worth having, and completely optional. So much is wasted, in every sense of that word – wasted – because of perpetual war and perpetual policing of the citizenry.

Imagine what America could do, could have accomplished, if not for all this militarism?

Might we have traveled to other stars?

Settled Mars?

Expanded human possibilities?

Instead of a “one size fits all” world, we could, instead, be on our way to a poly-creative, open, free, non-violent and peaceful world.

Instead of an oligopoly of world control, where a few governments tell all what to do, might we not have something different …

Can we not imagine something different?

Imagine a free world …

Then begin building 50,000 of them …

Begin building them, with us, today.

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