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Lease Arrangements

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“To obviate the essential tyranny (coercion) of political administration the proprietary authority, suitably organized, must extend its jurisdiction, and thus its revenues, by itself supplying police and other community services without coercion, out of its own revenues and properties, and thus raise its own values and voluntary incomes.”

~Spencer Heath, Citadel, Market, and Altar, 1946


The master lease for the Somali Free Port was modified by its co-author, Spencer MacCallum, for use with the Seasteading community. The original had been written by Spencer MacCallum, an anthropologist who lives and works in Mexico, and Michael van Notten, a Dutch entrepreneur who was living and working in France and Somalia at the time of his passing in 2002. We have appended the draft lease agreement along with its included declaration of natural rights to this design patterns document. We anticipate basing our lease agreements on similar language, though we do not necessarily agree with the wording in every case.

We feel obligated to note that the lease agreement we received was footnoted and substantially indented, taking more than twice as many pages as the version we include in the appendix. We took out all the footnotes, and these are available for review by any interested party. Simply ask for “the original Seastead lease with footnotes.” We further modified the agreement to remove references to seasteads and to use Resilient Ways and Terra Incognita in place of other similar placeholders in the original.

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