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Working with the People, Avoiding the Government

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“Take the children and yourself
And hide out in the cellar
By now the fighting will be close at hand
Don’t believe the church and state
And everything they tell you
Believe in me, I’m with the high command.”

~ “Silent Running”, Mike and the Mechanics


As anarchists, we embrace an ethical framework that depends upon the idea that most, if not all, people are essentially decent, rational, agents. If as a community designer you engage with the outer community, with respect, understanding and compassion? – it is more likely than not that you will be accepted, even if they are not, principally, anarchists.

The government, however, is opposed to anarchism – though it might ignore “small amounts” if their main objectives of power are met.

Here are some basic ideas, thoughts, questions, to consider:

  1. Can your community afford to retain a lawyer, ideally someone with background in property and criminal law?
  2. Have you investigated, by doing research, incidents of police abuse in your proposed community’s region? Corruption, abuse, bribes?
  3. Look into the laws – are there a lot of them, or very few. Some regions are relatively unregulated, this is good for anarchists. Some regions have lots of laws and busy-bodies, this is generally not good for anarchists and the communities they want to establish.
  4. Have you spoken with your nearest neighbors? The outer-community that is right nearby? These are the people who would “call the cops” if they thought there was a reason – instead, try to communicate your intentions, and, if possible, get your neighbors on your side as friends, allies.

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