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Exciting Times for Resilient Freedom

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It has been an exciting few weeks for me and the team here at Resilient Ways Foundation.

I’ve moved from Lawrence, Kansas to Dayton, Ohio. There is an excellent collection of agorists, anarcho-capitalists, anarchists, and others here which we are working very hard to grow rapidly. One of our leaders here, Melissa Michelle, calls our area “New Somalia.” After all, how many times have statists told us to “move to Somalia” if we don’t like things in ‘merica? She and Dan Sullivan have come up with a flag for New Somalia, complete with grumpy cat and motto “Nunya.”

In other very important news, Dan has completed work on the white paper, and we have begun pre-release token sales of the Resilient Way token. You can buy as many Ways as you want! Limit 100,000 at current price.

We also added our first product from which is a great little booklet telling the true facts of the drug war in graphic novel format. Goes on a promotional price for extra sales tomorrow.

Doug Casey has joined our board of advisers, and we’ve issued a second press release which should be circulating this week. Look for it at news sources you love.

We’ve joined a health care network and are getting ready to sell their products through our site as soon as we get all the bits and pieces worked out.

Finally, we’ve re-scheduled the Resilient Rendezvous live stream event to 20 October due to other pressing matters. More info on all these things to follow!


  1. We’re excited too! Doing a huge re-vamp of our web site this week, getting a site audit early next week. We have promo codes for members who would like to earn 20% commission selling our products and services. Let me know if you’d like a promo code.

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