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Violence is NOT WAR!

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I do not want to dwell on this – I know full well and understand the power of modern weapons.

I do not want to explain what depleted uranium does when the projectile hits an armored target, or building … or how much uranium dust now blows around those deserts, because of “Murica”.

This crap is well understood.

What I’d like to rant about is simple. There are some, many, after the unfortunate events in “VEGAS” that have decided that “gun violence” is an epidemic, killing millions like sugar or Statin drugs.

NO …

These same people fully support, in most cases, our bloody wars, that have killed millions, in the name of pipelines – but they’re furious that some shady op, involving who knows who, went bad in VEGAS?

It was a tragedy – I don’t know anyone that died there, but it was a tragedy.

It didn’t have to happen – if it was this “one dude”, well, he didn’t have to do what he did (or, more likely, the cabal did).

People have choices – I follow the non-aggression principle, which means the ONLY form of violence I am authorized to use is in defense OF MY SELF, and those family and children nearby. That’s it. You don’t have a right to be a bully. Which also means, you don’t have a right to wage unholy wars of violence for bullshit and criminal reasons.

(you really don’t – with NAP)

War is not simply a grander scale of violence – it is the FORCING of one human to kill another, a stranger, someone they do not know.

War is aggression, primarily, because of this force – the force involved in conscription, and the force of taxation to pay for these brutal campaigns of evil.

Violence will likely happen in ANY society – but violence is not war.

War is VIOLENCE that is coerced – forced upon nations for the sport of some demonic elite I do not myself comprehend, because, probably, I have a soul.

So yes – BE ANGRY about some guy, or guys, killing innocents.

Make RATIONAL decisions about how to interpret the event.

Pray for the fallen.

But do not FORGET!


Violence is a “violation” of the NAP.

WAR is the OPPOSITE of the NAP.

Violence is limited, not always lethal, and within the scope of human control – either in choosing not to act as a bully OR in being able to defend the people you love, yourself, and your property (in that order, by the way) and in that way mitigate the bullies effect.

With WAR, you must kill, you are ordered to kill, there is very little in this that is easy – and once you volunteer, you volunteer to be a killer, to kill whomever they want, for whatever fucked up reason.

So yes – I choose freedom, and periodically people will be bullies and this might lead to violence, and death.

But I choose freedom because these incidents of violence, as noxious as they are, are nothing compared to the abomination of WAR.


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