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Mission Statement

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Mission Statement: Resilient Ways Foundation will build communities that are respectful of human dignity and freedom, networking them together through collaboration and sharing. We will disseminate what we learn, and seek out ideas, strategies, from others. We will gather knowledge from many disciplines to assist in this endeavor and make this knowledge known to all. We will engage with experts, activists, and fellow travelers, building a network of volunteers in pursuit of human liberty, commerce, and happiness. Finally, we will promote as foundational to our organization the simple ethos of the zero-aggression principle.

We want you, whomever you are, to consider our proposals, ideas, and participate!

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To learn about our overall vision, please look our our first release of the “Design Patterns for Resilient Communities”.

To learn about our crypto-token (use-token) plans, read “The Riegel Way”.

To join us, the first step is to create an account – go to “register” on the home page.

To become a member of our distributed sales-team, and earn a commission, contact: .

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