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Abolitionist silver pieces

Great day, long day

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Well, today was a great day for resiliency. Many good things to report.

  • We received our first shipment of silver pieces.
  • We posted them to our store, with an absurd price based on numismatic rarity, since they are the only 19 such pieces available to collectors, one (1) having been pre-sold; and based on our cost.
  • We were paid a fee for some blog posts, completed some new posts for our friends at – old friends from the e-gold era – and got offered shares in a new deal.
  • Our storage unit here in Ohio is finally empty, won’t be needed until we head east into the Hocking Hills next year. If you are in need of great storage in the Dayton, Ohio area, check out Springboro Storage. Really great service, well kept area, easy access to freeways.
  • We’ve asked for pricing on 10,000 silver medallions like the ones shown in the above product link. Our plan is to go with a “forward pricing” model and reduce our price to you based on replacing at that volume. So, we’ll be dropping the price soon, I think.
  • We got a proposal over the transom to help a politically active anarchist raise funds, for a piece of the action, which might be fun and lucrative.
  • My Brave Botanicals sent us an affiliate link, which we’ll integrate with the site as soon as possible.
  • Courtney Smith and I built a whole new conference for early March in a series of five emails. A showcase for all the new country projects globally, plus Courtney’s practical class on how to make the most of your freedom on a global footing.

How’s that for a list for one day? Non-terrible, I think. Supper, a nap, and then back to action! After all, if the people of Earth are going to free the slaves, stop the wars, abolish involuntary servitude, escape into the Solar System, and settle this arm of the galaxy, in the next thousand years, it’s going to take peace, harmony, love, and effective effort.

What about your day? Any joy? Feel free to leave a comment. I’m here to help people kick the habits of statism and live free their own ways. May all your ways be resilient.

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