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Mu Aye Pu Burma

News from Mu Aye Pu Free City

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From the: Mu Aye Pu Development Corporation Newsletter #3 October 2017

This month we will commence the surveying with the appointment of our lead consultant for this task. Visionary architect Tay Kheng Soon will also be formally engaged and will get to work designing the city, which will be based on his pioneering Rubanisation model.

Mu Aye Pu Guesthouse
We are thrilled to announce that the Design & Construction of the Mu Aye Pu Guesthouse will commence in December. We plan on having a groundbreaking ceremony in December. The entire Karen Enterpirses & IDPM team will be there to take part in this historic moment. We hope that you will be able to visit Mu Aye Pu during the Groundbreaking, and you are all invited to stay at the Guesthouse when its doors open for paying guests in mid 2018. During the masterplanning phase, we will begin inviting potential investors to take up residence or to start a business or enterprise at Mu Aye Pu.

Mu Aye Pu will need everything a modern city requires such as clinics, restaurants, schools, shops, etc. The location is ideal for light manufacturing as well as for spa’s and wellness facilities. For anyone seeking peace, privacy and solitude, Mu Aye Pu is the place for you.

Please join us on this amazing journey to build a free city that will serve as a model for development around the world

Hotel School Update
We have agreed to postpone The Karen Hotel School until we complete the Mu Aye Pu Guesthouse and anticipate picking this up again in mid 2018 to allow us to focus on our immediate priorities. As such we have agreed with the Learning Exchange Foundation to end our partnership so each party can focus their human capital on other ventures. We will be very pleased to revisit the partnership after we complete Mu Aye Pu Guesthouse and thank Dr. Crins and her team for their support to date and wish them the very best for the future.

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