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Opportunities to Improve Our World

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Last week there were several important opportunities that arose. The Individual Sovereign University gave a $500 scholarship to a student seeking to complete her degree in mathematics. We were also able to help arrange air travel on an urgent basis relating to a custody battle in Seattle area. Reports from Texas indicate that our delivery of an automobile we weren’t using to a family there has proven very useful, not only for family needs but for activism to increase freedom.

Over the years, I have travelled on four continents, visited with thousands of people, seen palaces, museums, ghettos, wealthy suburbs, and people living in every conceivable way, from dire poverty to great luxury. Many things have come to my attention, including an awareness of my purposes for being here in Earth in this life: to bring healing, to bring some enlightenment to some few, and to help others. One of the many things of which I am now certain, and have been since my teenage years, is that the universe is filled with resources, and people are very resourceful.

Indeed, among the many reasons that more people means more wealth for everyone is because genius is a statistical rarity, and with three times as many people on Earth today as there were sixty years ago, we have at least 3 times as many geniuses. The Flynn effect indicates somewhat more, actually. Also, people are productive, and we are now able to produce food for three times as many people as we did back then. It is my view that the universe has more than enough resources for all mankind, as well as for whatever beings are out beyond Earth. The term I like to use for this abundance of harmony is: cornucopia.

Currently we are approaching what Americans call Thanksgiving. It is a time to celebrate harvests in many cultures. One of the symbols of harvest time is the horn of plenty, or cornucopia. It pre-dates most of the civilisations now on Earth.

New Project
Our new project is to buy a church that is for sale, use a tax-exempt organisation to keep it off the tax rolls, and make a few upgrades. It has an excellent stage and sound system for meetings and events, it has plenty of room for computer systems and classrooms, and there is a huge area for a maker space. We are looking for contributions, grants from non-profit entities and companies, and other ways of making the project work. The total we need is $200,000.

There are several ways you can contribute to our work. First, you can consider joining our foundation by purchasing a membership. Credit card and other bank card orders work, and I believe Bitcoin also works as a payment method on this site.

Second, you can contribute to Individual Sovereign University through our Generosity page:

Third, there are products, including some really lovely jewellery from Meaghan Champion (the hummingbirds) and from Alan Kent (the silver medallions and rings) that might make excellent gifts this Christmas or Yule season.

Not ready to buy anything yet? Try our Resilient Way token, a customer advance purchase option which will let you buy anything at any of our stores, hotels, campgrounds, or restaurants, including our online store.

Finally, there are a variety of ways to contribute directly, or to engage our team members for speaking at events, or consulting services. If there is a way to work to pay for our projects, we’re ready.

Old Projects
The project of creating a theme park for steampunk enthusiasts, the project of creating a hunting lodge and campground, and the project of creating a Probability Broach theme park, are all current and ongoing. We’re eager to make them happen. Just add money.

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