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RESILIENCE – the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.

We would like to formally invite you to be RESILIENT!

Resilentways is the current homepage for the Resilient Communities Development Service company, a for-profit real estate venture, and its parent organization the Resilient Ways Foundation. Our purpose is to create resilient communities of like-minded people who share a belief in the concept of voluntary action.  Our communities will be physical as well as philosophical. We believe that in order to achieve a free, non-coercive existence without aggression and violence we must limit our interactions with state agents. We must build a community of people who are free-thinking, innovative, and creative.


It is our intention to create new planned communities that work with their natural surroundings and offer opportunities for business, entertainment, and education. Not only are we building place where free-thinking individuals can be themselves but also share in a community where their individuality, property, and beliefs are respected. We seek to enhance human dignity in the context of peace and freedom.


We want to create the type of planned community that is not only an escape but an investment. Nature trails, pavilions, a bustling main street filled with commerce and innovation.

We are free people, capable of making choices about our lives and our choice is to live as freely as possible.

Resilient Communities will be private, rural, and carefully planned in order to achieve the maximum amount of freedom, safety, and enjoyment. We are currently in the process of locating and procuring land in the vicinity of Athens county, OH for the first of our planned Resilient Communities. Planned communities are as much a part of the American landscape as shopping malls. They increase the value of properties contained within by providing trade, community lands, facilities, and above all, safety.

Imagine having all of the benefits of a planned community, but also the safety of living with others who share your ideals about property, privacy, and autonomy!

Think about walking with the family or alone on a quiet nature trail, lifting a craft beer in toast at a community festival, weekend bluegrass entertainment, lantern lit dinner parties with good friends and safe playgrounds for your children. We believe the future is limitless when entrepreneurs are unleashed.

Why Are We Doing This

We are voluntaryists (or “voluntarists” for those that don’t like the added “y”).  Chances are good that you are also a voluntaryist, whether you know it or not. Voluntarism is the doctrine of free will; the belief that each and every individual has the right to consent and withdraw consent in each and every action. Voluntarism is the philosophy of free will and voluntary action. Voluntaryists will not force you to agree to a contract, will not rob you of your money or property, will not use violence against you because you disagree, and voluntaryists do not believe that they have any right to tell you what to do with your body, your family, your relationships, or your property.

In short, we want to leave you alone to make your own mistakes and succeed on your own terms.

Resilient Community

We want to invite you to learn more about Resilient Communities and to participate (or not) however you wish. Whether buying into our real estate projects, purchasing lots or homes in a Resilient Community, or engaging in commerce with Resilient Communities understand that it is our belief that a contract only works when everyone is satisfied and happy. That is why we intend to be as open and honest about our dealings as possible in order to set the gold standard for non-violent, free market communities.

Won’t you please join us?