Abolitionist ring in sterling silver


Sterling silver ring with Abolitionist medallion.

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This sterling silver ring holds one of our .999 silver medallions showing the obverse with the Abolitionist logo. These are extraordinarily shiny and come in a fine presentation box. Suitable for the abolitionist ring leader in your life. If you want to free the slaves, stop the wars, and end all forms of involuntary servitude, here is a ring for you. May also be worn closer to your heart if you have a length of silver chain or a hobbit’s piece of string.

The rings in our inventory are men’s size 10 however we can re-size for other size fingers, and we have a small inventory of medallions to have a ring made up to your specifications.

All proceeds from the sale of this product, including shipping, will be provided to @LuminousNebulae aka Kitty aka Jenna Baxter in an effort to help her (a) visit San Diego to see her children who miss their mom very much; (b) get involved in treatment programmes to stop the expression of her Ehlers Danlos, regenerate her stomach’s nerve to end her gastroparesis using 3D generated nerve regeneration guides, and generally save her life. If you know any research scientists in this area, please contact us as soon as possible. Want to simply donate to saving Kitty’s life? We do! Here’s her GoFundMe.

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Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 6 x 6 x 3 cm


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