Class on Encryption


Comprehensive class on encryption techniques and technologies

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The comprehensive course taught by Jim Davidson is intended to provide a detailed review of information and communications security technologies that are suited to your business operations or personal needs. It includes a review of the following areas:

E-mail encryption using Open PGP systems
Web mail encryption using Mailvelope and similar
Computer operating systems and open source choices
Encrypted root data storage
Deleting versus over-writing
Keeping encrypted back-ups
Computer software systems, proprietary and open source
Connectivity choices including VPN tunnelling, multi-hop VPNs, TOR
Encrypted voice over IP
Encrypted text chat
Encrypted video conferencing
Crypto-currencies as payment methods and their limitations
Secure multi-currency digital wallet choices

Every person and every business is different, so to make the course useful to you, I’ll need to know something about your needs. The above is intended to outline the areas where most people and most companies have needs.

The course is $500 and we have the ability to accept payment in various forms. Among the payment choices we currently like are check, money order, cash, silver coins, gold coins, Bitcoin, and Silent Bitcoin. If you let me know which, if any, of these options suits you, I can provide further details on how to send in payment.


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