Jim Davidson speaking engagement


Jim Davidson has been an experienced public speaker since 1976. He has extensive credentials in speech and debate, degrees in American history, marketing, entrepreneurship, Somali studies, and has worked in industries such as banking, aerospace, finance, real estate development, port development, toll road development, software development, and digital money. He has travelled extensively in Europe, Africa, Asia, and North America, is widely read, and can speak on a variety of topics including the human settlement of space, frontiers for freedom, longevity, nanotechnology, new countries, and resilient communities.

For select student groups, such as Students for Liberty, Jim is available at the discounted fee of $500. The national Libertarian Party must pay a surcharge of an additional $5,000 per event.



Jim Davidson, principal founder of Resilient Ways Foundation and Resilient Ways Community Development, is available for speaking engagements. Short notice may result in lack of availability.

Further information on Jim can be found here: Jim Davidson

Jim’s travel expenses and lodging must be paid for by the event organisers.


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