Supporting Membership

$175.00 $60.00

Supporting Membership


We invite you to join Resilient Ways Foundation as a student, contributing, supporting, or lifetime member. Membership at any level includes a membership card in whatever name you choose for yourself, an email newsletter, discounts for our events, and preferred lease rates for our real estate.

Supporting members would pay $175 per year, but through 1 January 2018 we are offering supporting membership at only $60 for membership until 31 December 2018.

Members have the option of being listed on the site in our membership lists, under whatever name they like, and are invited to blog on the site. We do not share our membership lists with anyone. Members that provide an email address will be provided an email notification prior to their membership expiration only, and otherwise opt in only to the once-a-month email newsletter.

What you get
Supporting members get

  • A Resilient Ways t-shirt
  • The Probability Broach: The Graphic Novel
  • Our email or online newsletter once a month
  • A membership card
  • Discounts on admissions
  • Supporting member rates for leasing real estate.


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