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The WAY use token is being offered, from now until December 31st, 2017 at the opening price of US$1 per use token, only 100,000 of these tokens will be available at this price. After this date, we expect to issue 600,000 additional tokens at US$2 per.

The use of proceeds for the initial $100,000 includes making a down payment or payment in full on some land in Ohio for our first campground and hunting lodge. We will also use part of these proceeds to create the software systems related to our Way token itself, including its listing on crypto-token exchanges as appropriate.

The use of proceeds for the further $1.2 million includes buying additional properties in Ohio, Kansas, and elsewhere, building our first theme park, making the down payment to author L. Neil Smith to licence his “The Probability Broach” books and characters, and negotiating the creation of hotels, restaurants, campgrounds, shoppes, and other attractions at our properties. We will also be paying a 20% commission on sales to members of the Resilient Ways Foundation, including for the sale of Way tokens.

For more information on “The Way” token, read our white paper – available here: “The Riegel Way”

These are pre-release tokens, as such they will not be available for use on our site, or elsewhere, until January 1, 2018.


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