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The Resilient Ways Foundation includes:

Founder and Managing Director Jim Davidson

Chairwoman of the Board of Advisers Wendy McElroy

Architect Sven Allstrom

Tsarinas of Marketing Zoe & Tif
Paul Rosenberg is an author and entrepreneur.

Justine Cooper is a volunteer, parent, and traveller.

Gabriel Scheare founded

Greg Barr is involved in volunteer organisations including in the science fiction and space settlement communities.

Kurt Hanson

Dennis Feucht is an electronics engineer who lives in the Pine Ridge community in the jungle of Cayo, Belize, Central America.

Doug Casey is the founder of La Estancia Cafayete in Salta province, Argentina, as well as an author, traveller, speculator.

Our senior adviser for health is Jeff Kanter. Jeff is the co-founder of My Academy of Health Excellence.

We continue to add advisers to our team, including Michael Strong, co-founder of Conscious Capitalism; Lexi Sprague, co-founder of Totem; and Courtney Smith, world-renowned trader, author, trainer, speaker, and founder of the New Country Foundation. We anticipate having bios and photos for each of them soon.

Another new addition this week is Marchella, a social media influencer and advocate of individuals and freedom. She enjoys cooking & family, despises war and the Federal Reserve system.