Dennis Feucht

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Dennis L. Feucht is an American-acculturated electronics engineer who lives in Belize, Central America. He began in electronics engineering at Tektronix in Beaverton, Oregon at age 17, and spent 15 years there, designing electronic measurement instruments and doing research. He then migrated to power electronics, and since 1988 has been an independent worker, as Innovatia Laboratories He now writes engineering articles and does electronics research. He became aware of the larger social situation when he volunteered to be on a committee for implementing outcomes-based education, required of the local rural PA government school district. After a year of full-time study of the social order, he migrated to Belize with his wife, and has been there for over 15 years.

Locations lived:
Baldwin Park, CA, Salt Lake City, UT, Lester, IA, Mediapolis, IA, Remington, IN, Canton, SD, S. Elgin, IL, El Monte, CA, Portland, OR, San Antonio, TX, West Linn, OR, Guys Mills, PA, Cayo, Belize

Formal education:
Benson Polytechnic High School, Portland, OR, 1964-1968; major: radio communications
Oregon State U., 1968-1972; BSEE (Computer Science)

Work experience:
Tektronix, 1967-1985, in engineering: measurement instrument design and research
Synektron, 1985-1988: PMS motor-drive design for hard-disk drives, automotive blower, shop vacuum, compressor
Innovatia, 1988- : electronics, software, robotic, and automotive engineering; worked on various projects involving power electronics, medical lasers and phacomachines, internal combustion engine thermodynamics, quarter-turn valve controller and flight computer for liquid-propellant rocket, motor-drives, and open-source measurement instruments.

Life orientation: Christian, since age 19; Anabaptist background

Interests: engineering, homesteading, community dynamics, social hierarchy, ancient history, forgotten church history, UFO-ETs and angels/gods, mushroom mycology, developed-world toxification, urban fragility, the money system, the legal and historical aspects of the U.S. income tax, hearing stories of retired (?) ex-CIA agents, the open-source movement, space colonization, etc.

Oregon State U., Corvallis, OR, on pattern recognition (robotics)
Carnegie-Mellon U., Pittsburgh, PA, robotics
Portland State U., Portland, OR, magnetizer design
Cleveland State U., Cleveland, OH, electric machine design
Oregon Institute of Technology, taught analog circuits course

Books in print:
The Grand Deception, latest version, 2015
The Grand Conspiracy, 2007

At (
Analog Circuit Design (4 volumes), 3rd edition, 2018: Amplifier Circuits, Dynamic Circuit Response, High-Performance Amplifiers, Waveform-Processing Circuits [coming soon; for now, at]
Transistor Amplifiers, 2013
Circuit Dynamics: Design-Oriented Analysis, 2013
Power Magnetics Design Optimization, 2016
Rocketry & Astrionics, 2013

Papers and Articles:
“Synchronous Motor Phase Control by Vector Addition of Induced Winding Voltages”, D. Simon, D.L. Feucht, IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, JUN 2004, VOLUME 51, NUMBER 3, ITIED6, pp. 537-544.
“Brushless Motor Space Optimization with Drive Electronics Contained in the Motor”, Dennis L. Feucht, et. al., Society of Automotive Engineers, Future Transportation Technology Conference & Expo, Seattle, WA, 871567, 10-13AUG87.
“An Overview of tactile Sensing”, Dennis L. Feucht, Northcon 84, Session 23-1, 23/1-4.

Over 200 articles, mostly at