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Each person follows their own path. You have your ways, I have mine, and the foundation has its own ways as well. Resilient Ways Foundation invites you to join us as a student member, a contributing member, a supporting member, or a lifetime member. Joining doesn’t mean obeying, nor does it mean following only our paths, it means having our group as fellow travellers on your journeys.

The Resilient Ways Foundation invites you to be resilient. Being a member gives you privileges, including the opportunity to earn sales commissions. Each member can request a “promo code” that gives your customers 2% off on all our prices, and if your promo code is entered on an order, you get a 20% commission on the sale. We have newsletters, events, and special pricing for members on all our real estate projects, at our hotels, and in our restaurants. Depending on which level you choose when you join, we offer certain premium items too.

Are you a student? As far as we’re concerned, if you say you are a student, you are! Feel free to join at the student level and renew at that level as long as you wish.