Kurt Hanson

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Kurt Hanson
Kurt Hanson

Kurt Hanson is an entrepreneur living in Tokyo, Japan. He quit his job as a special effects technician in Hollywood in 1991 to travel the world for a year, but he found a new home in the Far East and never returned to the US. He no longer considers himself an American – he prefers the more appropriate International Man of Mystery.

A 20-year permanent resident of Japan, he has worked as a licensing agent for such properties as Gumby, Tootsie Roll, and Universal Monsters.

He co-founded Karen Enterprises Pte. Ltd. in 2015, a company dedicated to developing the economy of the stateless Karen area of Burma. After 70 years of war, the Karen successfully resisted conquest by the Burmese military and their area is now open for business – the last frontier of Southeast Asia rich in natural beauty and resources.

As part of this development work, he is building a free city called Mu Aye Pu in the Karen area – a city of tomorrow that will be home to 100,000 inhabitants.

The Mu Aye Pu operating system will be based on Spencer MacCallum’s concept of the entrepreneurial community where the provision of community services will be provided not through taxation but through contract.

Kurt is also co-founder of Drift Global Pte. Ltd., a floating solutions developer based in Singapore. Early projects will involve floating communities close to shore, but the ultimate goal is to establish free cities on the sea. He hopes to one day live on a floating city and be buried at sea a free man.

He is doing his best to hasten the decline of the nation-state to be replaced by /phyles/ where people will organize themselves into voluntary communities.