Wendy McElroy

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Wendy McElroy
Wendy McElroy

Wendy McElroy is a founder of the modern voluntaryist movement (1982), the founder of modern individualist feminism as well as a renowned individualist anarchist. She has published widely within libertarianism for decades as well as working for prominent mainstream venues. The
following provides a sense and sampling of her background…

Ms. McElroy’s books include:

Ms. McElroy’s books have been translated into several languages, including Chinese, Polish, Spanish, and Italian.

Produced documentaries:
For twelve years, she worked as a script writer and editor of audio-documentaries for Knowledge Products, a production company in Nashville, Tennessee. Her scripts have been narrated by George C. Scott, Harry Reasoner and Walter Cronkite. They include:

  • Discourse on Voluntary Servitude (by Etienne de LaBoetie)
  • William Lloyd Garrison
  • Ireland, a history
  • the Middle East conflict Co-author Sheldon Richman.
  • The Ratification Debates (of the US Constitution)
  • Scotland, a history
  • Henry David Thoreau
  • the Vietnam War
  • Mary Wollstonecraft

As head of editing at KP, she edited and supervised studio work for dozens of other documentaries.

Articles and Essays:
Ms. McElroy has published (at least) several hundred articles and essays which range from popular treatments to scholarly essays. It is not possible to list the titles but only to render a sense of the scope. She was the first editor of The voluntaryist (1982) which gave birth to the modern voluntaryist movement. For five years, she wrote regularly for FOX News (headquarters). She is a fellow of the Independent Institute who has worked or written for most of the institutes within libertarianism: Cato, Future of Freedom, Foundation for Economic Education, the Institute for Humane Studies… Her scholarly work has appeared for decades in publications ranging from Literature of Liberty (IHS) to Penn State. Her popular work has appeared National Review, Marie Claire, The Hill and Penthouse.

Ms. McElroy’s activism:
As a lecturer and political (non-electoral) activist, she has been involved in protests and constructive freedom ventures since the age of 18. A sample of her lecturing (from an 2014 appearance at Brown University) is available here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdlVcjYYCbs

Currently, Ms. McElroy maintains two popular websites on a daily basis: ifeminists.net and wendymcelroy.com. For the last year, she has also become a regular columnist for bitcoin.com in order to learn about cryptocurrencies and all things technological as quickly as she can because that is where the future of freedom lies.

Wendy McElroy lives on a farm in rural Ontario, Canada with her much loved husband of 30 years. They are surrounded by animals, friends and community.

The importance of community cannot be overemphasized.